Fair Pricing Guide: how much should I charge per night?

Fair Pricing Guide: how much should I charge per night?

Host Pricing

Thank you for signing up to host an activist. We understand that everyone is in a different financial situation and have created this guide to help make the platform work for all. This is true for our guests as well - it is important to us that people from all backgrounds are able to attend mobilisations to make them as justice-centred and inclusive as possible.

Fair Pricing Guide

Hosting someone in your home can come with some additional costs that not everyone can take on - utilities (electricity, heating, water, etc.), cleaning products, time spent on household labour, and other expenses. We have therefore created this guide to help select a price per night that works for you. We hope that people from all different walks of life are able to host and invite you to use these three pricing bands to help select a fair price for your room. If you are prohibited from renting or subletting for profit, please select £0.

Price per night guide

Base Price

Choose your price per night based on this table:

Shared Space 

Private Room

Entire Flat

Band A
I can support activists with fewer resources by taking on hosting costs.
Band B
£2 - £5
£2 - £10
£2 - £20
This will cover my costs of hosting.
Band C
£6 - £10
£11 - £20
£21 - £30
I need additional support to be able to host an activist.

Additional Guests

You also have the option to charge additional fees when there are multiple guests. 
On top of the base price, you may charge up to £10 per night, per additional guest.