COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 Safety
These are recommended guidelines that you should follow to keep everyone safe whilst sharing your home. You should chat with your guest / host before the event to agree on any rules that you might want to put in place. Distancing: keep to a 1m distancing rule inside where possible. If you need to put in a one way system in place in smaller areas consider doing so. Masks: Please consider keeping masks on when you are in the same room as your guest / host. Using FFP2-grade masks can help to prevent the spread of COVID through aerosolized particles. Handwashing: Guests and Hosts should wash and/or disinfect their hands regularly and thoroughly according to the recommended procedure. Consider putting hand sanitizer in communal areas. Cleaning: Clean all communal areas regularly with antibacterial spray. Guests should clean their own areas. Ventilation: Keep communal areas well ventilated when you are sharing the space COP26 Activities: You must follow the Coalition guidelines for COVID-19 prevention at all of our activities at COP26, this will also help to keep guests and hosts safe throughout the two weeks.
Testing: Get tested as regularly as possible. Official delegates will need to show a negative test result everyday in order to access UN areas. The Coalition will be enforcing the same rules at Coalition-organised events (see more below). We encourage others to follow these same rules. You can find out more info about test access from the local NHS.

Guest - Host Communication

We strongly encourage you to read our recommended guidelines and discuss them with your guest / host match before the stay. Users of the Climate Homestay Network are responsible for their own safety during stays, and we encourage guests and hosts to talk together before the event about different COVID-19 safety measures that you might want to put in place as a guest or host. Please be respectful to the needs and opinions of others. If there is disagreement on COVID-19 safety measures, you should endeavour to resolve it in a kind and patient manner before travelling. If the issue cannot be resolved you should consider looking for another guest / host on the network.


If members of the Climate Homestay Network develop symptoms of COVID-19, test positive on their daily Lateral Flow test, or are contacted by NHS contact tracing during their stay: You should follow Government guidelines on testing and isolation: NHS Inform If you are hosting or staying with someone in the Homestay Network, all members of the household must isolate following Government guidelines. For isolation support contact the National Assistance Helpline on 0800 111 4000.
In an emergency, if you are unable to isolate where you are staying, contact the National Assistance Helpline on 0800 111 4000 If you, or any of your household members are shielding or are at higher risk from COVID-19, please do not join the Homestay Network. Instead, there are many ways to engage with online activities. You should check the Government Rules and Guidance before you travel. Traveling in the UK: Travelling from abroad: