What are your policies regarding COVID-19 / Corona?

What are your policies regarding COVID-19 / Corona?


Public health and the safety of our communities is our primary concern. We are prepared for any COVID-19 scenario but whatever happens, we still need you to sign up now and help us build this amazing network.


The platform has been created so that we can adapt to any situation with respect to COP26 & COVID-19. We will follow scientific and government advice to ensure user safety - including closing the platform down in the event of a new lockdown in November. We will provide relevant Covid safety advice and information for all users sharing a space during COP26.

COVID-19 Safety Policy

17th May 2021

Public health and safety during the ongoing pandemic is the primary concern of the COP26 Coalition, Stop Climate Chaos, and Human Hotel. We are hopeful that, with the majority of UK adults due to be vaccinated by the autumn of 2021, and with COVID-19 cases now declining across the UK, our COP26 Homestay Network will be the most Covid-safe accommodation option for activists needing a place to stay in November.

More information on COVID-19 and COP26 around timing, impact, and climate justice can be found here. Coalition scenario planning ranges from a ‘nearly normal’ COP in November 2021, to severe restrictions precipitating an online-only, or relocated/delayed event. The COP26 Homestay network has been built so that we are prepared for any situation.

In the most likely scenario for civil society - a hybrid of online and Covid safe in-person events - we hope to be able to offer safe, affordable, and green accommodation for anyone who is able to travel to Glasgow in November. The Homestay Network will, however, only be used utilised in compliance with Scottish Government Coronavirus restrictions and scientific advice.

Under current guidance, household mixing inside a private dwelling would be allowed in locations that are in Covid Restriction Levels 0, 1, and 2. The Scottish Government is currently forecasting that all of Scotland will move to Level 0 from late June 2021. 

In the event that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly worsens, the COP26 Coalition, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, and Human Hotel team will make the decision on whether the Homestay Network is safe to use for November 2021. In the worst case, all guests will be refunded with respect to our COVVID Cancellation Policy (see below).

You can find more information about Scottish Government COVID-19 restrictions here, and a summary of what you are allowed to do under each level here. Please note, Scotland and the rest of the UK (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) have different COVID-19 regulations, including in relation to international travel. UK regulations can be found here.

Covid-19 Safety Advice

In line with Government guidance and scientific advice, guests and hosts using the COP26 Homestay Network in November 2021 should do everything possible to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

As well as following guidance on household mixing indoors and outdoors, we will provide all users with relevant COVID safety advice and information so that the network can be used safely: without contributing to the spread of the virus. This will be released, in accessible formats, closer to the event in order to provide relevant information.

Human Hotel COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

In the event that last-minute changes to COVID-19 restrictions impact the plans of guests and hosts using our platform, we have created a COVID-19 Cancellation Policy coverage to help support our members and allow them to take the necessary safety precautions without incurring financial risks. 

As a host and traveler, you may unintentionally risk contributing to the spread of coronavirus and it is therefore extremely important that you take the right measures when deciding to travel or host. Make sure to check the Scottish Government, UK Government, and your local government's policies and guidance on travel and engaging in public life. COVID-19 is still rapidly spreading and very easily contagious.


No matter what the host's personal cancellation policy is on your booking, bookings are eligible for a 100% refund (minus payment processing fees by Stripe, Paypal or similar) under our COVID-19 Cancellation Policy if the host's home country has a partial or complete travel ban at the time of cancellation.

Once the host's country travel ban has been lifted, the booking's cancellation policies revert back to the host's chosen policy (see policies here).


Hosts are eligible to cancel confirmed bookings without incurring negative effects on their account if the host's home country and/or the guest's home country has a partial or complete travel ban at the time of cancellation.